Street children in Mongolia

Day Activity Centre Amina (9 Years)

Potrait of Amina Amina make good progress in Day Activity Centre.

1997 Amina was born in Khuvsgul Aimag as Darkhanbaatar's second daughter. There are four members to the family. She used to live with her father, mother and elder brother. Her father was an alcoholic and when he returned home drunk, he often abused her mother and brother, threw them out of the house, and made them stay outside without food, even during at night.

Amina's mother Otgon left the home, with Amina and her brother. Because of this migration and unavailability of documents Amina could not go to school. In 2006 she came to the Dari-Ekh area Day Activity Centre in Ulaanbaatar (Ulan Bator), where she started attending informal education classes. At first she had low self-confidence and found it difficult to speak. She often looked frightened.

Now she is starting to socialize with other children at the centre again. She has learned the alphabet and numbers so she can read and do arithmetic, which motivates her a lot in her studies. She can read 29 words per minute add and deduct numbers, and her speech has improved. Amina's current education level is up to the 1st grade of secondary school. She lives with her mother and brother. Her mother is unemployed, but their uncle Bayanmunkh supports their family financially. Amina regularly attends her classes.

She wants to become an artist.

Painted picture from Amina. You can see a landscape of Mongolia with a car and a yurt.
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