Street children in Mongolia

Day Activity Centre Battulga (16 Years)

Potrait of Battulga Battulga is full of the joys of life and loves to read books.

When Battulga was 13 years old his father stayed outside drunk for a long time and froze to death. He was left with his mother, elder sister and younger brother. He was attending secondary school since 1998.

In 2002 his mother left them because she could not bear the difficulty of their life anymore. During this time Battulga and his sister collected glass and cans to get money to buy food. The Local governor's office brought their mother back and she has remained at home since then. Battulga started attending the Dari-Ekh Day Activity Centre in Ulaanbaatar (Ulan Bator) since 2005. He had good communication skills, but could not read and write at first.

Now he is a positive young citizen who likes reading books. He stopped wandering the streets, actively participates in the centre events and has made many friends. His current education level is up to the 3rd grade of secondary school.

He wants to become a builder in the future.

Painted picture from Battulga. You can see a room arrangement of a house.
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