Street children in Mongolia

Day Activity Centre Choinom (13 Years)

Potrait of Choinom Choinom has a quiet voice and speaks little.

Choinom was born 1993 in Uvs Aimag. Today he lives with his parents and younger sibling in Ulaanbaatar (Ulan Bator). His father works on a building site.

He was studying at the 1st grade of the secondary school-48 before he became ill. He is hard of hearing and has difficulties with speech. His mother Norovsuren makes money collecting glass and cans for recycling projects. 2004 he started attending the Dari-Ekh district Day Activity Centre in Ulaanbaatar. He has a quiet voice and speaks little. He likes playing different games.

He learned to write and to read about 20 words per minute. But he finds it hard to tell you what he has read. Choinom's hobbies are dancing to music and playing draughts. He is friendly to his mates in the centre. His current education level is up to the 2nd grade of secondary school.

He wants to become a builder in the future.

Painted picture from Choinom. You can see a house, which is built by Choinom.
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