Street children in Mongolia

Day Activity Centre Gankhuyag (10 Years)

Potrait of Gankhuyag Today Gankhuyag has a good handwriting, but has still trouble in math.

1995 Gankhuyag was born in Khuvsgul province of Mongolia. His mother left his father and migrated to Ulaanbaatar (Ulan Bator), because his father was abusive and had lost all the family property through gambling and drinking vodka. He had entered 1st grade at city secondary school-16 of city in 2003, but his mother went back to Khuvsgul. He had no other family to stay with so he dropped out of school to join his mother.

He started attending the Dari-Ekh Day Activity Centre in September 2006. He could not read and write well but he could count up to 10. Staff at the Centre met with Gankhuyag's mother and emphasised the importance of education.

Now Gankhuyag communicates well with his parents, reads 27 words per minute, understands, and tries to tell you what he has read. He also has good handwriting. He still experiences difficulty in arithmetic. His current education level is up to the 2nd grade of secondary school.

He wants to become a policeman in the future.

Painted picture from Gankhuyag. You can see a police in a street with a traffic light and same people.
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