Street children in Mongolia

Day Activity Centre

Young Boy looks at the camera. In the background a teacher standing at the board. Classroom of Day Activity Centres

The World Vision Day Activity Centre in Ulaanbaatar (Ulan Bator) tries to work with street children who live most of the time on the street and only go home at night. Children have a chance to play games, wash themselves in hot water, and get a meal. Lessons are a part of the routine as the centre tries to offer an informal education.

Classroom of Day Activity CentreClick to enlarge A pen beside a open schoolbookClick to enlarge Chess. Same figure lie in a mat for gaming.Click to enlarge

Help for street children who particularly resist organized care

Currently there are 40 Children who attend the Day Activity Centre on a regular basis, but the group is always changing. In every centre, there is a teacher, who looks after the children and supervises the affairs of the children. This service is mainly used by children who have no family but who particularly resist organized care.

Care for street children and children who dropped out of school

Not only street children attend the Day Activity Centre but also Children who dropped out of school because of family problems. For them, the centre tries to help them catch up with their education and rejoin children of their own age in the local state school so that they don't have to live on the street.

Staff also try to discover a child's history, and, if appropriate, to invite them to take up a place in other projects, such as Lighthouse Centre.

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