Street children in Mongolia

Street children in Mongolia

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Dan Rampoldt with a group of street children Left: Ankhbayar, Tsog-Erdene, Dan Rampoldt, Ganbaatar and Suhbat

The Online-Exhibition "Street children in Mongolia" shows Portraits of children they decided for a life in the street. Also the Exhibition shows children they were willing to leave the street and to get chance for a new beginning through a relief organisation.

Perhaps an answer why street children does exist

The biographic backgrounds, project description of a relief organisation, Portraits and painted picture from the children with they wish for the future shall try to get the answers why children go in the street, which trouble comes there up and which kind of wishes they have.

Exhibition about street children been supported by World Vision

2006 rise the idea and World Vision was willing to support the project to creat a exhibition about street children. First I had advised to travel to Cambodia and to meet there street children, but World Vision asked me if I have interest to fly to Mongolia. I was surprised, because I didn't assume that in Mongolia are exist street children and I flew to Mongolia.

Impressing hospitality of Mongolians

In the year 2007 I traveled to Mongolia and I gained an insight into the work for street children of World Vision in Ulaanbaatar (Ulan Bator). All together four weeks I got to know the countryside, the capitol Ulaanbaatar and first of all the people. Most impressing for me was the hospitality of Mongolians, which I never saw the like before.

Best greetings
Dan Rampoldt

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