Street children in Mongolia

Lighthouse Centre Anudari (10 Years)

Potrait  of Anudari Anudari was 7 Years old when he came to Lighthouse Centre 5.

Anudari does not know his surname or what his exact date of birth. He was an orphan as a child and came to the Child Address Identification Centre in Ulaanbaatar (Ulan Bator) as a six year old. He was adopted by a family when he was at the CAIC. They would take him for a period of time, then bring him back to the centre and then come and ask for him again. The family did this many times. This made Anudari very angry. He also does not like the family because they already had five children and the oldest boy would beat him.

When he was 7 years old, a lighthouse teacher of World Vision named Tsedvee found him at CAIC, and took him to Lighthouse Centre 5 of World Vision. The girls who lived there took care of him until he turned 8, when he was taken to Lighthouse Centre 3 in 2005. Tsedvee became Anudari's new father and his family has now become Anudari's new family. When asked about his family, Anudari talks about Tsedvee and his new mother and brother.

Anudari is now 9 years old and is the youngest boy at the Lighthouse Centre. He is a very happy boy. He stutters a little when he speaks, but is learning how to correct it. He is very happy where he is because he says he has many friends, he can play outside, he has teachers who take care of him and give him food and clothes.

Anudari wants to be a Farmer and live in the countryside.

Painted picture from Anudari. You see a mountain landscape with a House in the front.
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