Street children in Mongolia

Lighthouse Centre Baatarkhuu (15 Years)

Potrait of Baatarkhuu With twelve years Baatarkhuu run away from home, because he didn't want to live in fear.

Baatarkhuu grew up living with his mother, his father and his two younger brothers but his father died when he was six years old. His mother started drinking very heavily and beating Baatarkhuu and his brothers. They were very poor and they never had enough food or warm clothes. When Baatarkhuu's father died, they had to sell their yurt and went to live with another family. It was very difficult for Baatarkhuu to live with his mother as she was always drunk or crying and he was very afraid of what she might do to him.

Baatarkhuu decided he could not live in such fear and ran away when he was 12 years old. He lived in the street for one year in Ulaanbaatar (Ulan Bator) and then a policeman found him and brought him to the Child Address Identification Centre. He did not like being at the CAIC because he was beaten by the older children and was never allowed outside.

Just two months after Baatarkhuu was brought to the Child Address Identification Centre, a World Vision social worker met him and invited him to live at the Youth Farmer Centre of World Vision.

He learned many things there, planting vegetables and taking care of the animals. He spent seven months at the Youth Farmer Centre and enjoyed it very much. He is now at Lighthouse Centre 3.

Later Baatarkhuu wants to be a construction worker.

Painted picture from Baatarkhuu. You can see a house with a garage and a motorcycle.
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