Street children in Mongolia

Lighthouse Centre Bataa (15 Years)

Potrait of Bataa Since one year Bataa lives in the Lighthouse Centre 3.

Bataa grew up with his mother, his sister and his brother and never met his father because he left them when Bataa was very young. His mother used to work for a building company, but was still unable to earn enough money to support her children. In 1998 she moved, and brought Bataa and his brother to the Life Skills Centre. At this centre Bataa was often beaten by the older boys as well as by the director of the Centre. He disliked living there so much that he ran away after one month and left his only brother behind. The night he ran away, a woman who was working as a night watchman found him and brought him to the CAIC for street children.

One month later Bataa was moved to the Child Protection Centre which Bataa says was worse than the Life Skills Centre. Again, Bataa was abused by the older boys and was scared during the entire two years he was there. He was forced to do all the washing for the older boys and was never allowed to go outside. Once he was finally able to run away, Bataa returned to the streets for another year at the age of ten. The police found him and brought him back to the CAIC where he remained for four months.

A World Vision social worker met him and asked if he would like to attend their Summer Camp, a proposition to which he enthusiastically agreed. After his time at the camp, he was taken into Lighthouse 3 of World Vision where he has been living now for a year.

Bataa wants to work as a truck driver in the future.

Painted picture from Bataa. You can see a truck beside a yurt and the words My Dream.
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