Street children in Mongolia

Lighthouse Centre Myagmarsuren (15 Years)

Potrait of Myagmarsuren Myagmarsuren's stepfather drunk often and beat him.

Myagmarsuren grew up living with eleven family members, including his mother and his stepfather. His mother worked in the market selling second hand clothes and rice. His stepfather also sold goods. Myagmarsuren never knew his real father; the only father he knew was his stepfather who never liked Myagmarsuren because he was not his real son. He would often drink and beat Myagmarsuren and his brothers and sisters.

When Myagmarsuren was 11 years old, he moved with his family to where his mother continued to work very hard selling goods. To help feed his family Myagmarsuren spent his days picking up bottles and boxes for money. He would work during the day and give the money he had made to his mother, then return to the streets to sleep. Myagmarsuren's mother died in 2003 in a car accident.

A CEDC (Children in Especially Difficult Circumstances) social worker found Myagmarsuren's younger brother and asked him if he wanted to enter a World Vision Centre that would feed him and help him.

He agreed and entered the Day Activity Centre of World Vision. He told Myagmarsuren about the centre and they both started going together. This past summer, he was invited to attend World Vision's Summer Camp and when he returned he entered Lighthouse Centre 3.

He wants to become a cook in the future.

Painted picture from Myagmarsuren. You can see a Restaurant in a yurt.
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